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We are the Ontario Social Service Worker Association (OSSWA).  Our vision is to elevate the profile of social service work in Ontario to assist those in pursuit of social justice through the follow ways:

  • Support – We offer direct support to social service workers

  • Unified Voice – We facilitate a unified provincial voice amongst social service workers

  • Advocacy – We promote mobilization on critical issues

  • Opportunities – We coordinate opportunities for professional development

Unlike the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW), we are not a regulatory body. While the OCSWSSW aims to protect clients social service workers serve, we, on the other hand, work to support social service workers themselves.

Our approach

Looking for Support?

Looking for services from a social service worker? Look no further!

What is Social Service Work?

What is a social service worker anyway? What fields are they in?

Professional Development

Employment opportunities, webinars, workshops and so much more is available to our members!

Advocacy Initiatives

Looking to support a cause? Have one you need help with?

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Latest From OSSWA

Check this section out for public events, initiatives, new legislation, webinars and many other news relevant for Social Service Workers.

Reconciliation Workshop by Journey Into Truth (November 24, 2018)

"This workshop focuses on breaking down stereotypes and exploring how colonization (primarily residential schools) has effected the lives of Indigenous people in North America. We will explore what colonization, decolonization, and reconciliation means through discussion, [...]

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We are a member-based, voluntary, non-profit organization developed to honour, empower and support social service work students and graduates throughout Ontario.

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