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Our Mission

To honour, empower and support the field of social service work

Our Vision

To elevate the profile of social service work in Ontario to assist those in pursuit of social justice


  • We facilitate a unified provincial voice amongst social service workers.
  • We support social service workers in their promotion and efforts towards social justice for all
  • We promote advocacy on critical issues through membership dialogue and mobilization
  • We encourage continuous learning by informing members of opportunities for professional development
  • We foster responsibility and accountability in social service work practice by honouring and promoting the OCSWSSW’s Code of Ethics


  • To establish a comprehensive resource hub for social service workers and ssw students
  • To offer our members up-to-date information on employment opportunities, legislation changes, workshops, ssw programs, events and more
  • To foster direct support for members with our Regional Contacts
  • To increase inter-professional connections amongst members
  • To work towards greater benefit and discount opportunities for social service workers
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