Reconciliation Workshop by Journey Into Truth (November 24, 2018)

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"This workshop focuses on breaking down stereotypes and exploring how colonization (primarily residential schools) has effected the lives of Indigenous people in North America. We will explore what colonization, decolonization, and reconciliation means through discussion, experiential learning and teachings from an Elder. Together, we will explore the ways in which people are working towards decolonizing [...]

WEBINAR: Preventing Youth Homelessness in Canada – The Road Forward (November 20th, 2018)

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"To mark the upcoming release of the Roadmap for the Prevention of Youth Homelessness, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and A Way Home Canada are hosting a webinar highlighting key takeaways from the report! Join the authors - Stephen Gaetz, Kaitlin Schwan, Melanie Redman and David French - as they provide the first national definition [...]