Reminder: COVID-19 Virtual Toolkit – Weekly Update

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Full COVID-19 Toolkit | Weekly Update In an effort to ensure that everyone has access to current and relevant information during these unprecedented times, we will continue to update the NSMHPCN COVID-19 Toolkit. Please find below this weeks updates: Regional Bereavement Support Line: (705) 325-7871 Palliative Nursing Support Line: (705) 329-0340 | Toll Free [...]

Centre for Social Innovation: Crafting your personal narrative to increase impact

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Happy Sunday, Innovators! Here in Ontario the weather is warmer (finally), folks are finding ways to enjoy the great outdoors safely, there is increasing scrutiny over the province's approach to COVID-19 testing, and businesses are starting to open up. Our members continue to adapt to the changing tides and find impact opportunities from the local to the global. [...]

Trauma-informed Practice & TCI Update Now Available

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2020 Training Season | Customized Onsite Training It’s great to see how many people have been able to make use of this time to access online training to deepen their understanding of certain topics, brush up on skills and learn new ones. Missed a Training? Sign up now for the next available session. We’ve had an [...]