NEW RELEASE: Framework for Addressing Youth Homelessness – HomelessHub Newsletter Sept. 2020

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NEW Release: Family and Natural Supports: A Framework to Enhance Young People's Network of Support Meryl Borato, Stephen Gaetz, Lesley McMillan / Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, A Way Home Canada  A NEW framework released by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and A Way Home Canada informed by findings from the Making the Shift Demonstration Lab will help address youth homelessness by strengthening [...]

Gendered & Culturally Safe Responses to Homelessness – Homeless Hub Newsletter Aug. 2020

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NEW RELEASE: Understanding Homelessness for Urban Indigenous Families – How Can We Envision Gendered and Culturally Safe Responses Catherine Rodrigues et al. / Canadian Observatory on Homelessness  Family homelessness is a complex and pervasive issue in Canada. Particularly troubling is the overrepresentation of Indigenous families in Canada’s emergency shelters and in unsafe/unstable housing. This report outlines the impact of [...]

Ending Homelessness by 2030 – Homeless Hub Newsletter July 2020

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Recovery for All: Proposals to Strengthen the National Housing Strategy and End Homelessness Steve Pomeroy / Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness  This NEW report details an affordable, achievable path to prevent and end homelessness by 2030. It presents a 6-point plan to leverage Canada's COVID-19 recovery, and strengthen the National Housing Strategy to ensure housing for all. Read the Report [...]

Youth Homelessness, Mental Health & Substance Use During COVID-19

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Youth Homelessness: Mental Health and Substance Use During COVID-19 Naomi Thulien et al. / Lived Experience Lab, A Way Home Canada, Covenant House How has COVID-19 impacted mental health and substance use patterns of youth who have experienced homelessness? This report synthesizes real-world knowledge on promising mental health and substance use practices for front-line providers. Read this blog [...]

Prevention & Youth Reconnect | Laws & Homelessness | Harm Reduction | BIPOC

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NEW Webinar: Practicing Prevention with Youth Reconnect A Way Home Canada, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness COMING SOON: We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Youth Reconnect (YR) Program Model Guide! Youth Reconnect is an early-intervention and homelessness prevention program that supports youth to stay connected to their family, school, and community. We're hosting a webinar [...]

OAITH May 2020 Newsletter

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Announcement from Justin Trudeau- additional funding for health, economic, and social support for Indigenous peoples and communities A funding announcement was made today by the Prime Minister which notes the following new funding/increasing funding to provide cricial support to Indigenous families and communities during the COVID-19 crisis: " $285.1 million to support the ongoing public [...]

NEW COVID-19 Resources for the Homelessness Sector

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Q&A Series: Harm Reduction in Shelters during COVID-19 Bernie Pauly / University of Victoria, Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research Harm Reduction is one of the biggest challenges facing the sector. In response, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness partnered with Harm Reduction expert Bernie Pauly to create a Harm Reduction Q&A series. The first in the series focuses on Harm Reduction in Shelters during [...]

NEW COVID-19 Resources for the Homelessness Sector

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NEW Webinar: Creating Effective Organizational Harm Reduction Policies & Culture in the Context of COVID-19 Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, Bernie Pauly  In this follow up to the webinar—"Harm Reduction Policies and Practices During COVID-19"—Harm Reduction expert Bernie Pauly will discuss a framework for creating effective organizational harm reduction policies and culture in the context of COVID-19. [...]

Homeless Hub Newsletter April 2020

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Resources for VAW Shelters and Transition Houses Responding to COVID-19 Women's Shelters Canada  This open-source document contains a list of resources and practices being used by organizations who support women living in shelters and transition houses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The content is available in English and French. Browse the Document ____________________________________________________________________________________ Plain Language Explainer of [...]

Homeless Hub Newsletter Mar. 2020 – Coronavirus

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COVID-19 Response Framework for People Experiencing Homelessness Andrew J. Bond / Canadian Network for the Health and Housing of People Experiencing Homelessness Developed by health professionals, shelter and housing leaders, and community support agencies, this framework provides practical guidance to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the homeless population. Access the Framework Guidance for [...]

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